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Texas Concealed/Open Carry Restriction Posters

2017 Posting Changes:

March 2017 Revisions
Michigan - revised Discrimination Notice
Idaho - revised Equal Opportunity Notice
Tennessee - Unemployment Insurance Notice
Louisiana -2017 Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) Notice
February 2017 Revisions

Delaware - Discrimination
Virginia - Earned Income Tax Credit

January 2017 Revisions

Alaska - 2017 Wage $9.80
Arizona - 2017 Wage $10.00
California - 2017 Wage $10.00/$10.50
Colorado - 2017 Wage $9.30
Delaware - Discrimination
Federal Contractor - 2017 to $10.20 & Paid Sick
Florida - 2017 Wage $8.10
Kentucky - KOSHA Poster
Maine - 2017 Wage $9.00
Massachusetts - 2017 Wage $11.00
Michigan - 2017 Wage $8.90
Missouri - 2017 Wage $7.70
Montana - 2017 Wage $8.15
Nebraska - Unemployment Ins Posters
New Jersey - 2017 Wage $8.44
New York - $9.70 / $10.50 / $11.00
Ohio - 2017 Wage $8.15
Rhode Island - Gratuity Wage to $3.89
South Dakota - 2017 Wage $8.65
Vermont - Paid Sick Leave
Washington State - 2017 Wage $11.00
2016 Poster Changes:

Virginia - 10/2016 OSH Safety & Health Poster
Pennsylvania - 10/2016 Unemployment Compensation Notice
Delaware - 10/2016 Discrimination
Maryland - 9/2016 Equal Pay
Wyoming - 9/2016 Health & Safety Protection On The Job
Utah - 9/2016 Pregnancy Accommodation
North Carolina - 08/15/2016 NC OSHA
Colorado - 08/12/2016 Pregnancy Accommodation
Colorado - 08/08/2016 Discrimination (DORA)
FEDERAL- 07/28/2016 Minimum Wage (FLSA)
FEDERAL- 07/28/2016 Polygraph Protection (EPPA)
Los Angeles, California- 06/12/2016 Minimum Wage
Pasadena, California- 06/12/2016 Minimum Wage
Nevada - 06/02/2016 Minimum Wage Bulletin
Nevada - 06/02/2016 Overtime Bulletin
District of Columbia- 04/28/2016 Accrued Sick and Safe Leave
District of Columbia- 04/28/2016 Family and Medical Leave
Iowa - 04/13/2016 OSHA
Wisconsin - 04/01/2016 Unemployment Benefits
California - 03/28/2016 Pregnancy Rights (PDL)
California - 03/28/2016 CFRA Leave
Wyoming - 03/22/2016 OSHA
Michigan - 03/03/2016 Unemployment Compensation
Louisiana - 02/19/2016 EIC
Virginia - 02/16/2016 VOSH
San Francisco, California- 01/20/16 Minimum Compensation Ordinance
New Mexico - 01/18/16 Discrimination

restriction change

We specialize in Federal & State Combination Labor Law Posters, Compliance Posters, Safety Posters, and "Posters in the Work-Place."We also handle Labor Law Posters for all 50 U.S. States and Canada.

We also specialize in 1-Year, 3-Year, and 5-Year Compliance Programs. When you choose a compliance program, every time a State or Federal Labor Law Poster is changed/revised, or added, we'll send you the latest update for a small shipping and handling fee. This prevents you from having to purchase a whole new Labor Law Poster every time there is a change.

If you employee 1 or more non-relative employees, you are required to post all of the required State and Federal Labor Law Posters in a conspicuous place where your employees can see them.

If you are a sole-proprietor or business partner without any employees, you do not have to post the Federal and State Labor Law Posters.

If your business is operated 100% by family/relatives with zero non-relative employees, you do not have to post the Labor Law Posters.

However, depending upon your industry, you may still be required to post specific Safety Posters such as choking, cpr, emergency first aid, wash your hands, hard had required, etc.

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